Free Recipe Red Curry Paste 2

Recipe Type: H Recipes

Recipe Preparation: stir

Cooking Ingredients for Red Curry Paste 2 Recipe

1 Large CA or NM chili
1 Garlic clove,minced
2 ts Salad oil
1/2 ts Ground coriander
1/4 ts Ground cumin
1 Seeds of cardamom pod

Red Curry Paste 2 Preparation

NOTE: Use purchased Thai Muslim curry paste or all of this mixture. Rinse chili; stem, seed and break into small pieces. In a 6-8 frying pan over medium heat, stir garlic in salad oil until golden, about 2 minutes. Add chili, coriander, cumin, and cardamom pod seeds. Stir just until chili browns lightly, about 45 seconds. Use hot or cold.

Cooking Temperature:

Recipe Serves: 6

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