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Cooking Ingredients for Sausages in Wine Recipe

1/2 lb Kielbasa
1/2 lb Italian sweet sausage
1/2 lb Italian hot sausage
1/2 lb Bockwurst; (ground veal
5 Green onions; minced
1/2 c Dry white wine
1/2 ts TABASCO pepper sauce
1 tb Finely chopped fresh parsley
-or l teaspoon dried;

Sausages in Wine Preparation

With sharp knife, cut sausages into l/2-inch pieces. In deep skillet,over medium-high heat, cook Italian sausage pieces 3-5 minutes or until lightly browned. Drain. Add remaining sausage pieces and green onions and cook 5 additional minutes. Reduce heat to low, add wine, Tabasco pepper sauce and parsley, if desired. Simmer 8 to l0 minutes, stirring every 2 to 3 minutes to be sure all sausage pieces are flavored with wine. Remove from heat and pour into chafing dish. Sausages may be frozen for future use. Serve with toothpicks. Makes 4 cups. Busted by Karen Sonnessa <> Recipe by: Tabasco Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by Karen Sonnessa <> on Mar 29, 1998

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Recipe Serves: 1

How Do You Cook Sausages in Wine?

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