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Cooking Ingredients for Fufu Recipe

2-1/2 c Bisquick. baking mix
2-1/2 c Instant potato flakes

Fufu Preparation

Note: Conventional west African fufu is made by boiling such starchy foods as cassava, yam, plantain or rice, then pounding them into a glutinous mass, usually in a giant, wooden mortar and pestle. This adaptation for North Americans may trouble you if you try to stick to minimally processed foods. But it”s worth trying at least once with west African groundnut stews. Bring 6 cups of water to a rapid boil in a large, heavy pot. combine the two ingredients and add to the water. Stir constantly for 10-15 minutes – a process that needs two people for best results: one to hold the pot while the other stirs vigorously with a strong implement (such as a thick wooden spoon). The mixture will become very thick and difficult to stir, but unless you are both vigilant and energetic, you”ll get a lumpy mess. When the fufu is ready (or you”ve stirred to the limits of your endurance!), dump about a cup of the mixture into a wet bowl and shake until it forms itself into a smooth ball. Serve on a large platter alongside a soup or stew. Recipe By : African News Cookbook-African Cooking for Western Kitchens From: Date:

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