Free Recipe Momi s Laulau

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Cooking Ingredients for Momi s Laulau Recipe

1/3 lb Butterfish
1 lb Pork butt
16 Luau leaves; (taro leaves)*
8 Ti leaves

Momi s Laulau Preparation

*Luau leaves are leaves from the taro plant. They must be cooked 4 or more hours or they will leave a scratchy feeling in your throat. A good substitute for luau leaves is spinach. For this recipe, about a pound of spinach would work well, Fresh is best (well cleaned), but frozen is OK. Mary Cut fish into 4 pieces. Soak about 1 hour in water. Cut pork butt into 4 pieces. If using luau leaves, strip the stem and leaf veins. Wash ti leaves and remove ribs. For each laulau – on your work area, lay down two ti leaves and place 4 luau leaves on top. Put one piece of pork and a piece of fish on top of luau leaves. Fold luau leaves over meat and fish to form a bundle. Tie ends of ti leaves and steam for 3 to 4 hours. Me ke aloha, Mary Recipe by: Momi Posted to TNT Recipes Digest by (MS MARY E SPERO) on 1 Ma, y 1998

Cooking Temperature:

Recipe Serves: 4

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