Free Recipe Spinach Salad with Sugared Walnuts

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Cooking Ingredients for Spinach Salad with Sugared Walnuts Recipe

2 c Walnut halves or pieces
1 c Packed brown sugar
1 tb Water
1/4 c Olive oil or salad oil
3 tb Orange juice
2 tb Red wine vinegar or balsamic
1 ts Granulated sugar
1 ds Dried basil; crushed
1 ds Salt & pepper
3 c Torn spinach
3 c Torn baby greens
1/3 c Crumbled Feta cheese (1-1/2

Spinach Salad with Sugared Walnuts Preparation

Date: Fri, 09 Feb 1996 20:23:47 EST From: (MARY JO KNAPPER) Recipe By : Home Garden, May/June ”95 Line a baking sheet with foil; grease the foil. Set aside. In a 1-1/2 qt. microwave casserole, combine the walnuts, brown sugar, and water; stir to coat the nuts. Microwave, uncovered, on high heat for 2 min. Stir well; cook 3-5 min. more or until sugar syrup coats the nuts and the nuts are toasted, stirring after every min. Spread nuts on the baking sheet to cool completely. Break apart. Dressing: Combine oil, orange juice, vinegar, granulated sugar, basil, salt and pepper in a screw-type jar. Shake well and chill. Divide spinach and greens evenly among serving plates. Sprinkle with sugared nuts and feta cheese. Shake dressing and drizzle each salad with some of the dressing. MC-RECIPE@MASTERCOOK.COM MASTERCOOK RECIPES LIST SERVER From the MasterCook recipe list.

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Recipe Serves: 6

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