Free Recipe Punjabi Style Spinich/saag

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Cooking Ingredients for Punjabi Style Spinich/saag Recipe

1 Yellow onion, chopped
1 Clove of garlic, finely
1 Hot pepper (he uses whole
Dried red pepper and crushes
1 ds Oil, Pam or saute liquid
1 ts Huldi or tumeric
1 Salt to taste
1 Bag of Fresh spinich
1 Potato, peeled and cubed

Punjabi Style Spinich/saag Preparation

First WASH the spinich very well. Break off ugly parts of leaves and stems. Peel and cube the potato. Place both in a large saucepan and add very little water, about 1/4 cup. Let cook on Med temp. until the potatoes are cooked, adding water when needed and then only a little at a time. When the potatoes are done, heat another deepsided frying pan. Add oil, Pam or saute liquid. When the saute medium is hot add the garlic and onion. Fry until the onion is translucent. Add salt, hot pepper and huldi. Fry some more. The huldi should turn everything yellow. Incidently, huldi is very good for your stomach, reduces gas when used in dal recipies. Fry everything together for about a minute, don”t let the onions turn brown, turn down the heat if needed. Add the spinich to the onion mixture, stirring constantly but not hard. Serve with cornmeal roti. Posted by Rooprai to AOL. From the recipe files of Sue Smith, Formatted using 1.80a

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Recipe Serves: 1

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