Free Recipe Spicy Pickled Olives

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Recipe Preparation: simmer

Cooking Ingredients for Spicy Pickled Olives Recipe

1 pt Spanish olives
1 c Olive oil
10 Dried Szechuan peppers
10 Dried Serrano peppers
2 Fresh Habaneros
4 Cloves garlic; large

Spicy Pickled Olives Preparation

Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 16:01:01 -0500 From: Hi all, has been too long since I contributed anything to this group – I”ll blame it on the recent birth (1/24/96) of my daughter, Amanda Kay. Anyway, my wife came home from Costco/Price Club the other day with an enormous (3 lbs) jar of stuffed spanish olives. Knowing full well that I would never drink enough martinis to consume that quantity of olives, I decided to find another use for them. I took: I chopped up the chiles, seeds and all, and sliced the garlic cloves. The olive oil went into a sauce pan and was heated. Chiles and garlic were added and allowed to simmer for a few minutes at low heat. I placed the olives in a clean container and poured the hot oil mixture over them. Allow to cool and then cover and refrigerate for at least 24 hours. The result are some extremely tasty olives that can be snacked as is or used in other recipes. This morning I chopped up a few of the olives along with some chile pieces and combined with cream cheese. Pretty good when spread on a bagel! CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V2 #236 From the Chile-Heads recipe list.

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Recipe Serves: 1

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