Free Recipe Shrimp Cheese Pate 2

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Cooking Ingredients for Shrimp Cheese Pate 2 Recipe

1 Jar tiny Danish shrimp
-Camembert (1/3 cup)
-(4-oz), drained
Black pepper, freshly
4 oz Soft or semi soft cheese
-ground, few grains
-like Philadelpia Cream 1
ts Sherry, Medeira, or cognac
Cheese, Creme Danica, or

Shrimp Cheese Pate 2 Preparation

Combine all ingredients, beat until very smooth. Serve on toast rounds or cucumber slices, or stuff radishes or celery with the mixture. Makes about 3/4 cup. From: A Salute to Cheese, by Betty Wason, Hawthorn Books, Inc., 1966. Shared by: June Hoffman, 8/93

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Recipe Serves: 34

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