Free Recipe Corona Salsa

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Cooking Ingredients for Corona Salsa Recipe

1 6-pack Corona beer
10 Ripe Habaneros
1 Head (NOT clove) garlic
1 md Carrot
1/2 Onion
1 bn (small) cilantro
1/4 c Oil
Chile powder/cumin

Corona Salsa Preparation

From: LARSON_PAUL/DAL10_PALARSON//US/MOBIL/ Date: Mon, 29 Jul 96 12:54:51 -0500 Directions: drink a few Coronas; reserving the rest for later. Combine the remaining ingredients in a food processer; add a little Corona to get the consistency just right. Pour salsa into your corona empties. CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V3 #057 From the Chile-Heads recipe list.

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Recipe Serves: 8

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