Free Recipe Curried Stew 2

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Cooking Ingredients for Curried Stew 2 Recipe

Stephen Ceideburg 2
lg Tomatoes, cored, chopped
2 tb Peanut or other vegetable
1/2 ts Salt
-oil 1
ts Strong sweet curry powder,
1 1/3 lb Bottom round steak, cut into
-or to taste
-1/2-inch cubes
Red pepper flakes
1/2 lg Onion, finely chopped

Curried Stew 2 Preparation

Heat the oil in a skillet; add meat cubes and sear, turning to brown on all sides . Add onion and tomatoes. Cook over high heat until tomatoes release their juices. Add salt and curry powder and simmer until meat is tender. Add water if stew gets so dry it might burn. Place pepper flakes in a small bowl and pass at the table. Serves 4. PER SERVING: 200 calories, 18 g protein, 7 g carbohydrate, 12 g fat (3 g saturated), 45 mg cholesterol 320 mg sodium, 2 g fiber. From an article by Karola Saekel in the San Francisco Chronicle, 8/18/93.

Cooking Temperature:

Recipe Serves: 4

How Do You Cook Curried Stew 2?

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