Free Recipe Giffilte Fish

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Recipe Preparation: boil

Cooking Ingredients for Giffilte Fish Recipe

5 lb Fish; equal amounts
-pike, carp, etc
3 Onions; sliced
Celery stalk; sliced
3 Large carrots; sliced
1 -Water; to cover
1 -Salt; to taste
1 White pepper; to taste
4 Eggs
2 tb Matzo meal
1 Salt to taste
1 White pepper to taste
1/4 c Water
Carrots; sliced for pan
Onions; sliced for pan
1 bn Beets; sliced (optional)

Giffilte Fish Preparation

Have fish man grind: 5 filets-equal amounts; white fish and pike;and a small amount of carp or buffle carp; In a large kettle: heads,bones,and trimmings of fish; 3 onions,sliced; 1 celery stalk,sliced; 2 large carrots,sliced; water to cover; salt to taste; white pepper to taste; Bring to boil. While this is simmering prepare the fish. Combine in Food Processor: 1 onion; 4 eggs; add mixture to: ground fish; 2 tbs.matzo meal ; salt to taste; white pepper to taste; 1/4 cup water; Shape fish mixture into balls. I used to do this by hand; chopping in a large wooden bowl with a hack messer. Be CARFUL, you don”t want mush but distinct tiny peices. Take another pan; and layer the beets on the bottom; some sliced carrots, onions, fish; repeat with everything but the beets. end eith some carrots. Pour the broth from the OTHER kettle over the fish. Simmer,covered for 2 hours. When cool,remove fish balls to platter and garnish with sliced cooked carrots. Strain broth and chill. Serve with jellied fish broth and fresh ground horseradish. NOTE: The beets are unusal but my Mom and Bubbe ALWAYS used them. They do two things; keep the fish from ”catching” on the bottom and give the broth a ruby red color; but not the fish; they remain white. I have never served it with anything but plain freshly grated horseradish. Elaine Radis, Prodigy Food & Wine Board From Gemini”s MASSIVE MealMaster collection

Cooking Temperature:

Recipe Serves: 18

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