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Assembling the Sleigh

Gingerbread Sleigh Pt 2 Preparation

Place the base of the sleigh on a waxed paper covered work surface. Position the sides, back, and kick board, holding them in place with inverted glass measuring cups and inverted custard cups or canned goods. NOTE that the sides, back and kick board angle out from the base.) When pieces are correctly positioned use Royal frosting in a decorating bag fitted with a #16 or #17 star tip to cement the pieces in place. When frosting is partially dry, add additional rows of frosting inside the slight to reinforce the seams. Cement the seat in place with frosting. Let sleigh dry at least 2 hours. While the sleigh is drying, assemble the runners. With a sawing motion, cut the curved end of each 8-3/4 inch long cane at center of curve. (Candy canes and sticks cut more easily while still wrapped.) Place a large red gumdrop on the cut end of each. Set canes aside. Cut four of the 3-1/2 inch long candy sticks in half on angles. Position four of the pieces in a shallow W-shape against each remaining 3-1/2 inch stick with cut ends against the stick. Cement with dollops of frosting. Cement two green square hard candies where the short pieces join each 3-1/2 inch stick. ================== 3-1/2 inch stick, whole /\ /\ 3-1/2 inch sticks cut in half Gum Drop = / \ / \ \================== 8-3/4 inch cane with end shortened *The little square candies are both inside and out at the top of the inverted v of the runner supports. From: Pat Stockett Date: 12-14-96 Cooking Posted to MM-Recipes Digest by (Helen Peagram) on 98

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