Free Recipe Jiffy Smoked Fish Patties

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Cooking Ingredients for Jiffy Smoked Fish Patties Recipe

2 c Flaked Fish
-canned or left overs
2 Eggs, beaten
1 c Bread crumbs or cracker
1 tb Onion, minced
1 ds Pepper
Salt to taste

Jiffy Smoked Fish Patties Preparation

Mix ingredietns thoroughly. Mold into patties and fry in hot butter or bacon grease until golden brown. Place fish in a greased baking dish that will fit into your smoker, spread evenly and loosely in the dish. Smoke for 1 hour using your chosen fuel These are great on toast with white sauce, or make a smoked fishburger with all the trimmings. Yum! Credit: Luhr-Jensen Recipes sent to me from Bill,

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Recipe Serves: 1

How Do You Cook Jiffy Smoked Fish Patties?

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