Free Recipe Lager 1

Recipe Type: B Recipes

Recipe Preparation: boil

Cooking Ingredients for Lager 1 Recipe

3-1/3 lb Northwest malt extract
1 lb Light dry malt
1/2 lb Munich malt
2 lb Klages malt
1 oz Hallertauer hops (5.1
1/4 oz Nugget hops (11.0 alpha)
1 oz Hallertauer hops (finish)
Wyeast #2042: Danish

Lager 1 Preparation

Start yeast ahead of time. Mash Munich and Klages malts together. Sparge. Add extract and boiling hops. Boil one hour. Add finishing hops. Chill to 75-80 degrees. Pitch yeast. When airlock shows signs of activity (about 6 hours) put fermenter in the refrigerator at 42 degrees. After one week, rack to secondary and ferment at 38 degrees for two more weeks. Bottle or keg. This beer tastes great and is very clean. There are, however, two things I will do next time: add more bitterness (perhaps 10-11 HBUs), and second, add more malt. Primary Ferment: 1 week Secondary Ferment: 2 weeks Recipe By : Doug

Cooking Temperature:

Recipe Serves: 54

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