Free Recipe Lenise s Chili

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Recipe Preparation: freeze

Cooking Ingredients for Lenise s Chili Recipe

6 tb Oil
3 c Onion; chopped
6 Cloves garlic
2 Bell pepper; chopped chunky
4-1/2 lb Hamber meat
1-1/2 c Boiling water
3 lb Tomatoes
3 cn (6 oz) tomato; paste
24 oz Tomatoe sauce
4-1/2 tb Chili powder
3 ts Flour
6 tb Water
1-1/2 ts Salt
1-1/2 ts Pepper
3 tb Cumin
Worcestershire sauce;to
3 Bay leaves
Tabasco sauce;to taste
6 cn (16 oz) kidney beans;
Red peppers;to taste
3 cn Chopped chilies

Lenise s Chili Preparation

in very large pot heat oil, saute onion, garlic, & bell peppers until tender. Add groundbeef and brown. Add remaining except the kidney beans, cover and simmer 1 hour. Add kidney beans and simmer 30 more minutes. NOTES : This makes a lot of Chili! We have tried several chili recipes and we luse many of them. This has turned out to be our favorite. Lenise doesn”t remember where she got the recipe. We get together and make this up and freeze portions. The thing about this recipe that is so grreat: add to or take from as you like. Recipe by: Lenise Bybee, My Daughter Posted to TNT – Prodigy”s Recipe Exchange Newsletter by (MRS IRA M DENNIS) on Nov 30, 1997

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Recipe Serves: 1

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