Free Recipe Vegetarian Chorizo

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Cooking Ingredients for Vegetarian Chorizo Recipe

2 c (dried; not reconstituted)
6 Dried Anchos or New Mexico
-chile or some combination
-of the two
2 Dried Chipotles; optional,
-if you want smokey flavor
1/2 ts Coriander seeds
3 Whole cloves
1/2 ts Pepercorns
1/2 ts Oregano
1/4 ts Cumin seeds
1 sm Piece cinnamon; about
-1/3 x 3/4
8 Cloves garlic; peeled and
2 ts Paprika
2 ts Salt
1/4 c Vinegar
1/2 c Red wine
3/4 c Water or stock
1/4 c Oil or more

Vegetarian Chorizo Preparation

* TVP = Textured Vegetable Protein, check your local health food stores. Toast chiles in wok/cast iron skillet until they start to smell roasted. Make sure you don”t burn them. Open them and discard seeds and membrane. Cool. Toast the whole seeds and cinammon on low in wok/skillet till you smell the roasted smell and cumin is a few shades darker. Do not burn them. Cool down. Put everything except TVP and liquids into a spice mill and grind. You will probably have to do it in batches. (You may use a blender also, but then add the liquid before blending.) Put TVP in a container. Add spice mixture and liquid and pressed garlic. Stir. (If TVP isn”t fully reconstituted after 20 minutes-use your intuition-add some stock, stir, wait another 10 min, and check again.) Add oil. Stir. Cover well, and stick in your fridge for about 2 days. Really do this. The flavors need to blend. You might want to stir it once or twice a day. For one serving suggestion, mix with boiled , cubed potatoes. Variations: Please experiment with the proportions of the spices. Adjust the wine/vinegar/water ratios if you”d like, but keep the liquid total at 1 1/2 cups. Also, using crumbled tempeh or ground seitan instead of tvp would also be intresting. jonathan kandell, tucson, CHILE-HEADS ARCHIVES From the Chile-Heads recipe list.

Cooking Temperature:

Recipe Serves: 8

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