Free Recipe Microwave Yogurt

Recipe Type: D Recipes

Recipe Preparation: microwave

Cooking Ingredients for Microwave Yogurt Recipe

4 c Lowfat or skim milk
1/4 c Nonfat dry milk (optional)
2 tb Fresh yogurt

Microwave Yogurt Preparation

Pour the milk into a quart glass container. If you want to add nonfat dry milk to make the yogurt creamier now”s the time. Heat in microwave until the milk reaches about 175 degrees. (Takes about 9 minutes.) Remove from microwave and cool until the milk reaches about 100 degrees. Add two tablespoons active yogurt. Stir well, a whisk is good. Cover with plastic wrap. Wrap in a towel. Replace bowl in microwave. Heat on low about 30 seconds. Heat on low 30 seconds every 30-60 minutes for about 4 hours. You”ll have yogurt. If you walk away all day but leave it nice and warm, it”ll turn into yogurt, too, but will take longer. And since you won”t be there, you won”t notice. Refrigerate and laugh at Dannon”s high prices. From Gemini”s MASSIVE MealMaster collection

Cooking Temperature:

Recipe Serves: 4

How Do You Cook Microwave Yogurt?

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