Free Recipe Minted Tomato Bisque

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Cooking Ingredients for Minted Tomato Bisque Recipe

2-1/2 lb Vine-ripened tomatoes;
-peeled and coarsely
; chopped, or 3 cup
; chopped canned
; tomatoes with juice
; (28-ounce can)
1 md Clove garlic; minced
1/2 c Firmly packed fresh mint
2/3 c Buttermilk or low-fat sour
4 sm Mint sprigs for garnish

Minted Tomato Bisque Preparation

This fresh soup is the perfect summertime starter, when the weather is hot and tomatoes and mint are abundant and at their prime. If you don”t have full-flavored, vine-ripened tomatoes, use the canned-the flavor will be much better than the gas-ripened tomatoes commonly found in supermarkets. There is, however, no substitute for fresh mint. And keep in mind that the mintiness of the soup will depend on the type of mint used. Peppermint is more pungent than spearmint. Combine all the ingredients except the salt and mint sprigs in a blender jar. Or combine the ingredients in a deep, medium bowl and use an immersion blender. Blend at low speed, gradually increasing to high, until mixture is smooth. Strain through a medium sieve into a medium bowl. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Place in freezer 30 minutes before serving. Just before serving, salt to taste. Ladle into individual soup cups. Garnish each serving with a small mint sprig. Makes 4 servings. From Cooking Smart: Recipes, Tips, and Techniques for Really Using the Time-Saving Work-Saving Gadgets in Your Kitchen to Create Delicious Food by Sharon Tyler Herbst (copyright 1992 Harper Collins). Converted by MC_Buster. Recipe by: Good Morning America Converted by MM_Buster v2.0l.

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