Free Recipe My Poultry Stuffing 2

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Recipe Preparation: bake

Cooking Ingredients for My Poultry Stuffing 2 Recipe

1/2 c Butter
1 c Celery
1 c Onion
1 c Chicken stock
1 c Turkey gravy
1 ts Sage
1 ts Thyme
1/4 c Parsley flakes
1 ts Salt
1 Egg

My Poultry Stuffing 2 Preparation

The day before needed: Melt butter in a pan and saute” onion and celery til cooked. Refrigerate. Optional: Make a loaf of bread with the herbs and seasonings in it. Cube a loaf of day old bread and dry it and place in a large bowl. The day needed, 1 hour before serving: Remove veg mix from frig and warm in microwave. Add chicken stock and gravy. If not using seasoned bread, add herbs and parsley. Taste for seasoning and add salt and pepper. Taste and adjust seasoning. Pour over top of cubed, dried at 250 , day old bread (enough to fill red T.W. bowl). While that is soaking in, beat an egg and add to mixture and blend thoroughly. Mixture should be fairly moist. At this time since Jim likes sausage and chestnuts in his, I divide the mixture and add cooked sausage meat and chopped cooked chestnuts. Divide mixture into 2 casseroles and bake at 350 for 45 minutes, covered. Recipe by Helen Peagram Posted to Recipe Archive – 27 October 96 Date: Sun, 27 Oct 96 12:24:27 EST submitted by:

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Recipe Serves: 4

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