Free Recipe Barbecued Portobello Mushroom Steaks

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Cooking Ingredients for Barbecued Portobello Mushroom Steaks Recipe

4 lg Portobello mushroom caps; (1
-1/2 lbs)
LHJ s Barbecue Sauce
1/2 ts Salt
1/4 ts Freshly ground pepper

Barbecued Portobello Mushroom Steaks Preparation

1. Prepare grill. 2. Wipe mushroom caps with paper towel; brush each cap with 1 tablespoon LHJ”s Barbecue Sauce and sprinkle with salt and pepper. 3. Arrange mushrooms, cap side down, on grill; tent with foil. Grill 3 to 5 minutes over medium-low coals. Remove foil; brush each mushroom with 1 tablespoon sauce. Turn mushrooms and brush with another 1 tablespoon sauce. Grill 3 to 5 minutes more, until tender when pierced with a fork. Serve with remaining barbecue sauce, heated, if desired. Makes 4 servings. Prep time: 5 minutes Grilling time: 6 to 10 minutes Degree of difficulty: Easy Low-fat Low-calorie Per serving: 1 Calories; less than one gram Fat (9% calories from fat); 0g Protein; 0g Carbohydrate; 0mg Cholesterol; 1066mg Sodium NOTES : Mushroom steaks? You bet! The luscious, meaty texture of portobellos are a perfect vegetarian choice for the grill, and their rich, woodsy flavor can stand up to the heartiest of barbecue sauces. Portobellos are available whole or as packaged caps. Recipe by: LHJ ONLINE Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by Lisa Minor <> on Apr 3, 1998

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Recipe Serves: 1

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