Free Recipe Truly Tabouli

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Recipe Preparation: stir

Cooking Ingredients for Truly Tabouli Recipe

1 lb Bulgur (cracked wheat);
-rinse, drain
2 md Tomatoes; chop fine
2 bn Green onions; cho fine
2 bn Parsley; chop fine
1 md Cucumber; chop fine
1 md Green bell pepper; chop fine
2 ts Salt
16 oz Wish-Bone Italian Dressing
3 tb Lemon juice; opt

Truly Tabouli Preparation

In large bowl, combine all ingredients. Cover and marinate in refrigerator, stirring occasionally, at least 8 hours. Taste Tested Recipe from The Lipton Kitchens MM Waldine Van Geffen Sent to me by Jack C. Elvis <> so I could check them out for formatting errors, originally posted to Prodigy. By VGHC42A WALDINE VAN GEFFEN Time: 12:50 PM on Apr 23, 1997

Cooking Temperature:

Recipe Serves: 12

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