Free Recipe Orange-Pickled Beets

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Recipe Preparation: boil

Cooking Ingredients for Orange-Pickled Beets Recipe

20 s mall
-fresh beets (1 1/4 diam.)
3/4 c up
-distilled white vinegar
1/2 c up sugar
1/3 c up water
1/2 t easpoon salt
6 w hole cloves

Orange-Pickled Beets Preparation

~——1 4 —— : -cinnamon stick : Peel of 1 lrg. orange : 1/2 c up orange : -juice Place beets & enough water to cover in a 4-qt saucepan; heat to boiling over high heat. Reduce heat to low, cover & cook beets until fork tender, about 35-40 min. To prepare pickling syrup; Heat vinegar, sugar, water, salt, cloves, cinnamon stick and orange peel to boiling over high heat. Stir once to dissolve sugar. Reduce heat to low and simmer 5 min. Remove and discard cloves, cinnamon & orange peel. Stir orange juice into mixture and heat to simmering. Wash & rinse a 1 qt jar, or 2 pt jars and lids. Drain beets, rinse with cold water. Cool til easy to handle. Peel and pack into jars. Add the syrup to cover the beets. Cover jars and refrigerate at least 1 wk before serving. Posted to MasterCook Digest V1 #168 Date: Fri, 30 Aug 1996 10:47:28 -0400 From: kmeade@IDS2.IDSONLINE.COM (The Meades)

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Recipe Serves: 1

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