Free Recipe Garbanzo Spread

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Recipe Preparation: cook

Cooking Ingredients for Garbanzo Spread Recipe

1/2 Onion; chopped
1 Clove garlic
1 tb Oil
1 ds Cumin
Salt; to taste
1 ts Basil
1/2 ts Oregano
1/2 bn Parsley; chopped fine
One lemon; juice of
3 c Cooked garbanzo beans;
2/3 c Toasted sesame seeds; ground

Garbanzo Spread Preparation

Garbanzo Spread is an enduring favorite. Try it as an open-face sandwich with cucumber and tomato slices, or thin it with a little vegetable or bean stock and serve as a dip with whole wheat crackers. Saute onion and garlic in oil until onion is transparent. Add cumin and cook until fragrant. Crush garlic with a fork. Add herbs and parsley at the last minute, cooking just enough to soften parsley. Mix with the lemon and mashed beans (and sesame), stirring together thoroughly. Makes about 3 cups. Recipe by: Laurel Robertson, The New Laurel”s Kitchen Converted by MM_Buster v2.0l.

Cooking Temperature:

Recipe Serves: 6

How Do You Cook Garbanzo Spread?

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