Free Recipe Aubergine Chutney

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Cooking Ingredients for Aubergine Chutney Recipe

1 lg Aubergine; (round)
6 Cloves of garlic
1 md Onion
1 Green chile
1 ts Vinegar
3 tb Oil
Salt and pepper

Aubergine Chutney Preparation

Recipes from Jeannette Ah Chok of Rose-Hill, Mauritius. Wash the aubergine and make 6 slits with a knife. In each slit place a clove of garlic. Rub the aubergine surface with some oil. Place under a low grill and brown all sides. When cooked remove the skin and crush the pulp with a fork. Leave to cool. Slice onion finely, chop chile and mix with the remaining oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Add aubergine pulp and mix well. Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST by Peter Moss <> on Dec 13, 1998, converted by MM_Buster v2.0l.

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Recipe Serves: 1

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